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Halloween 2010

Halloween this year was special for a few reasons: it was Miranda’s first Halloween, Natalie’s first time trick-or-treating, and our first holiday in Brooklyn! I know, it seems late for Natalie to be trick-or-treating for the first time. But last year was the first year that we would have let her eat the candy anyway, and it rained. She’s always had a lot of fun giving out candy, and this year she had a blast collecting candy like a big girl.

Trick-or-treating in Brooklyn is a lot different than in the suburbs. In a lot of ways, it’s easier, because people sit out on their stoops to hand out candy. There is no walking up to the door, no ringing of doorbells, and no waiting for people to come to the door. In some ways, walking down the street and collecting candy from people already sitting outside feels like cheating. But the nice thing about trick-or-treating city-style is that walking down the block feels like being at one huge Halloween party! And Natalie still got to proudly say “trick-or-treat!” and “thank you!” to many, many neighbors this Halloween. By the end of two blocks, she was very excited and proud of her full bag of loot.

Miranda rode in the mei tai so everyone could see her wings. It turned out to be a very good decision because the sidewalks were so crowded that maneuvering a stroller would have been very difficult. After a little nap, she seemed to enjoy watching all the activity and colorful costumes. She’ll get to fully participate in Halloween soon enough—I’m betting that we won’t be able to keep her from eating candy for as long as we held Natalie off.

Here are the pictures of our Halloween festivities, from carving pumpkins with Aunt Kary and Uncle David, to trick-or-treating with Natalie’s good buddy Josie.
Miranda wants to help, too! Miranda wants to help, too! Look in the lower left-hand corner!
Natalie helping scoop out the pumpkin Natalie helping scoop out the pumpkin
Scary faces! Scary faces!
Meta Pumpkin Meta Pumpkin
Post-carving bedtime story Post-carving bedtime story
Halloween in Brooklyn! Halloween in Brooklyn!
“Let’s go!” Off and ready for trick-or-treating
Mei tai bug Mei tai bug
Trick-or-treator Trick-or-treator
Waiting their turn in the crowd Waiting their turn in the crowd
Trick-or-treating! Trick-or-treating!
Lady Liberty and Flower Fairy Lady Liberty and Flower Fairy So proud of all their loot!

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Miranda’s First Halloween!

For Miranda’s first Halloween, she is dressing up as a dragonfly. Pop Pop made the wings from wire coat hangers—it was the fourth prototype, which required soldering, that was successful. And wrapping fabric around a pair of wire wings was a lot harder than I expected it to be, so luckily I had Meema to help. I was determined to make at least her first Halloween costume, since I made Natalie’s first one, also a winged creature. In the end, I think Miranda’s costume came out pretty well.

As luck would have it, our good buddy Jenn of Shutterstarr Photography was offering Halloween mini-sessions to take photos of kids in their Halloween costumes. I was excited to take advantage, because the past couple of years we’ve waited until it’s too dark out on Halloween to get any really good shots. Natalie, of course, was thrilled to have her picture taken in her fairy costume. We had a great time and all the photos came out beautifully. Can’t wait to order prints and hang them on the wall!

Although it was hard to choose, here are a few that we liked best:

Dragonfly Miranda I

Dragonfly Miranda II

Fairy Natalie I

Fairy Natalie II

Autumn Sisters

I heard a rumor that Jenn is going to be offering holiday mini-sessions. If you are interested in taking advantage or booking a full session photo shoot, you should contact her…you won’t be disappointed!

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Fall Fun II: Dragonfly Farms

Natalie, Miranda, and I met some friends a couple of weeks ago at Dragonfly Farms in Hamilton for a haunted hayride. The farm also had a hay maze set up, which occupied the older kids for an insanely long time. The height of the maze was perfect because the kids could run and climb, and the parents could stand and chat without worrying about the kids getting lost in the maze. It was great to spend such a beautiful morning with friends.
The gang The gang I love this photo because of how happy and smiley Natalie and Jamison look and how worried Payton and Miranda look. Maybe it’s the llama looming behind them.
Hay Maze Hay Maze Natalie, Payton, and Jamison spend nearly two hours climbing around all this hay–it was aMAZEing!
Sun kissed Sun kissed
Happy Happy I fully expected Natalie to be scared of the haunted hayride, but she was excited to point out every witch, ghost, and goblin.
Cindy and Miranda Cindy and Miranda On the haunted hayride
Miranda in the hay maze Miranda in the hay maze
Collectors Collectors Payton and Natalie spent lots of time collecting pumpkins.

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