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We Wish You…

…A Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Winter Solstice, and a Happy New Year!!!!


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More Book Lovers!

Auntie Jennifer:
Reading a story with Jen

Reading cousins:
Reading cousins

Two readers

GG reading to Natalie

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Preparing for Christmas

Natalie seems to really “get” Christmas this year. Not in a religious sense, but in the sense that it’s a special day that we prepare for with lots of fun activities. Natalie’s been a very excited to help with all the preparations. First, we had our annual Elliott family cookie day:

Sofia, Natalie & Chris

Susan, GG, and Pop Pop

Sean, Moogoo, David & John

Sofia's Little Red Riding Hood cookie

Painting cookies with Mama


Moogoo and David

Yummy cookies

Then, she helped us decorate the Christmas Tree—which took us two days to do. Every morning since we put it up, she’s come downstairs and said, “Oh no, the tree is dark!”

Pretty lights

Who me?

"I stand on the stool!"

Right here?

All done!

"Will you stop with the pictures, already?"

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