Bronx Zoo

We had a great time visiting the Bronx Zoo with the Wilkes! Lots of pictures to share…

Natalie and Josie looking at the birds:
Looking at birds

Colorful bird:
colorful bird

Natalie waving to the fish:
Hi fish!

Josie walking:
Josie walking!

Grizzly Bear:
Grizzly Bear

Wort Hog:
Wort Hog

Gorilla & admirers:
Gorilla and observers

Snow Leopard with its tail in its mouth:
Snow Leopard

Josie looking content:
Happy Josie

Natalie enjoying a cookie Josie shared with her:

Natalie with her cheeks full of cookie:
Cheeks full of cookie

Posted by Amy on Sunday, September 30th, 2007 at 2:16 pm
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  1. uncle david says:

    love the picture of the snow leopard…..